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11th-Apr-2013 01:45 am - [sticky post] masterpost
my name is emily and i write things... sometimes.

twitter | tumblr | writing tumblr
update: new fics will be posted over at shardmind

please don't edit, repost or translate
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23rd-Jan-2014 07:10 pm - exo drabble dump #3
This is just a bunch of things compiled over from my writing tumblr to tide you over until I finish everything else! Some of them are months old and some of them aren't but they're all new here so huzzah!

wu fanxyixing, baekhyunxchanyeol, krisxsuho, xiuminxluhan, joonmyunxjongdae

hehCollapse )
19th-Jan-2014 04:55 pm - Always Awake
kris/lay (side baekhyun/chanyeol)
written originally at sncj_santa for sweet_mintx

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9th-Jan-2014 05:15 pm - WIP MEME

well teastallpanda did it and then i though hey why the fuck not?

the rules are something like 'post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!' so HERE WE GO!

[vaguely nc-17 at some points????]

there are too many of theseCollapse )

just can't say no sehun
warnings (highlight to read): infidelity, blood, cannibalism, murder, character death

luhan isn't crazyCollapse )
anal prolapse
miss right;

naughty girl;
under the cutCollapse )
13th-Jun-2013 10:13 pm - exo drabble dump #2
bleh b leh bl eh drabbles
i needed to get these posted
kaisoo (x2)
(all in lapslock because i'm lazy)
(happy birthday midnighttofu <3)

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9th-Jun-2013 07:59 pm - how do you feel now?
chanhun/seyeol suck my dick
how do you feel now?
taohun (lukai if you like?)
sehun gets a piercing and things go south from there

for manda (because she as k e d)
and roxas (because he pr ess ur e d me)
thank you assholes
"Are you sure this is safe?"Collapse )
22nd-May-2013 12:10 am - untitled
t win ks in love
angst? hurt/comfort? emily doesn't know
500~ words
warnings (highlight to see): self harm
this is old as balls with no structure and yep it sucks ass but whatever
i don't know who to blame
it wasn't perfect...Collapse )
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